Decomade, Lissycasey, Clare

Lissycasey, Co. Clare


For Sale


Decomade Lissycasey Co.Clare Land to be sold as 3 separate parcels

JW7727- Decomade Lissycasey, Co.Clare.
Circa 18 Acres
• Road Side Field
• Within environs of village
• Good quality land
• Site potential

JW7727- Decomade Upper Lissycasey, Co.Clare.
Circa 27 ½ Acres
• In two main divisions (split by road)
• Elevated land
• Road frontage on two sides
• Maps etc. from agent

JW7727- Decomade Lower Lissycasey, Co.Clare.
Circa 12 ½ Acres
• In one main divisions
• Approached via Right of Way
• Full details from agent